MSF Promo Reward 

Rules & Regulations

**A $75.00 Visa gift card will be awarded upon completion of 15, *on-time, successful one on one training sessions, (3, one-hour sessions per week). Program is five consecutive weeks of physical training. Maximum of 2 excused sessions which must be rescheduled and completed within the consecutive week 6.  Each training session for any program path must be paid in full at least 24 hours in advance. Clients must complete MSF Promo Reward Program registration and contract to qualify. Failure to meet all program requirements and contractual agreements will result in forfeiture of reward offer.

*On time-Sessions are expected to begin on time and are to last a full 60 minutes. Tardiness beyond a 15-minute grace period at the fault of the client will result in cancellation, count against the 2 excused session allotment, and must be rescheduled for and completed on a date within the 6th consecutive week in order to maintain reward status. Session delay at the fault of MalikStone Fitness, LLC will be counted as excused and not against clients' excused session allotment.